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The mPedigree Network is the global leader in the use of mobile and web technologies in securing products against faking, counterfeiting and diversion.

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Safely taking you into new markets

Extend the power of your brand to the world's most exciting but least tamed markets in Asia and Africa.

Partnering more than two-dozen telecom operators, Fortune 500 technology companies, and regulatory agencies in several countries, mPedigree has created more than a technology platform; we have helped launch a movement.

Covering all your bases

Combine brand protection and customer engagement into one dizzying array of distribution management, warehouse inventory control, production line-level serialisation, mobile marketing, and downstream visibility applications, and take full control of your supply chain and brand capital all the way from your factories past the point-of-sale and direct into intimate experiences of your end-customers.

Your keys to success. Consumers keys to safety.

Portal is built on the secure GoldKeys single sign-on solution. Your account is not only safe and secure but also unlocks a whole suite of products.

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